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Painting with Petals - Pressed Flower Workshop

Painting with Petals - Pressed Flower Workshop

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Hello Flower lovers! Love flowers so much you want to be surrounded by them? Me too! It's time to embark on an artistic adventure that will ignite your inner flower child with our exciting NEW workshop: Painting with Petals - Pressed Flowers on Canvas Tote Bags!

Join us as we dive into the mesmerizing world of pressed flowers, where creativity blooms and floral vibes flourish. 

During this bloom filled workshop, we'll guide you through the art of pressing flowers and show you how to create stunning masterpieces that capture the essence of nature's beauty. It's like painting with petals, allowing you to express your artistic vision in a uniquely floral filled way!

We'll provide all the materials you need to create your floral wonders, from an array of freshly picked blooms to a cotton tote bag that will serve as your canvas. With our expert guidance, you'll learn the techniques to press and arrange the flowers, resulting in breathtaking pieces of art that you can carry around with you!


Workshop Details - 

Location: The Collective Workspace 

14 Leswyn Rd, North York, ON M6A 1K2


Workshop duration - We will book a 1 hour timelsot at our workshop space - 14 Leswyn Rd, North York, ON M6A 1K2

Each attendee will receive a cotton tote bag as their canvas, tools for pressing flowers.



How to Book - 

Minimum 4 attendees per booking. 

*Please add 4 to cart to reserve.

Once we receive your booking request our team will reach out to confirm availability (date + time) & confirm location of workshop (at our studio or your own venue!)

Please note, if you prefer to book this workshop at your own venue our team will confirm location & travel fee. 

If you prefer to confirm availability before booking please email or send us a message LIVE on our website! 

Introductory Pricing - 

$45 per person 


**To book this workshop we require a minimum of 4 guests. Once we receive your booking request our team will reach out to confirm the number of guests, date, time, & location of event. If you have additional attendees a separate invoice will be sent. 


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