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Mini Cacti Event Favors

Mini Cacti Event Favors

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Elevate the greenery quotient at your event with our delightful assortment of 1.5-inch cacti! These vibrant plants are the ultimate event favor and are tailor-made for your DIY projects, terrarium crafting, container gardens, or enchanting fairy gardens.

Please note that the variety of cacti in your order will vary & includes an assorted selection. The provided photos offer a general idea and do not represent the exact selection you will receive. Rest assured, all our live cacti are sourced from local Canadian growers, ensuring you receive robust and cheerful plants.

Options: Choose from a collection of 10 - 30 assorted cacti in standard plastic growers' pots, or elevate your order by opting for elegant white terracotta pots! Need a custom quantity? Feel free to reach out to us at for pricing inquiries.

Shipping: We take great care in shipping our cacti, surrounding them with crinkle paper to ensure a safe journey to your doorstep. Upon arrival, a gentle rinse with water will remove any minor shipping residue from your cherished cacti. For local orders within Toronto and the GTA, we rely on a local courier for expedited and secure delivery.

Freshness Guarantee: Our supply of fresh cacti arrives weekly, every Thursday. To receive your order on time, kindly place it at least two weeks prior to our regular delivery day (Thursdays). Please note that our cacti come in growers' pots and do not include ceramic containers.

Caring for Your Cacti:

Caring for cacti is a breeze with these simple guidelines:

  • Water: Provide a thorough watering every 2 to 4 weeks, tailored to your local climate and the season. Cactus tend to be thirstier during the summer but can go several weeks without watering during the winter.

  • Light: Cacti thrive in bright filtered light. Place them in an area that receives some direct or indirect sunlight to keep them in prime health and prevent stretching.

Bring the beauty and resilience of cacti to your event, and let these charming plants stand as a lasting reminder of your special day. Your guests will surely appreciate this unique and eco-friendly choice of event favors.

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