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Centrepiece Blooms to Bouquets

Centrepiece Blooms to Bouquets

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Introducing our exclusive Centrepiece Blooms to Bouquet service - the epitome of luxury and sophistication for your wedding day! Elevate your celebration with this unforgettable experience that promises to wow your guests and leave them with lasting memories.

Picture this: as the dinner portion of your wedding draws to a close, your event coordinator or venue coordinator whisks away your stunning centrepieces to our team of expert Florists. With an air of excitement and anticipation, our Florists work their magic, carefully disassembling each centrepiece and transforming them into exquisite bouquets bursting with beauty and elegance.

Each bouquet will be handcrafted and unique, ensuring that no two are alike. From delicate mini stems perfect for the little ones to lavish arrangements for your VIP guests, our range spans from small to large, depending on the flowers available to our florists. With each creation, our team infuses passion and creativity, meticulously arranging every bloom with precision and care. Whether you envision classic elegance or contemporary flair, our bespoke bouquets are tailored to reflect your style and vision, adding an extra touch of luxury to your special day.

As the final touches are made, each bouquet is hand-tied, trimmed, and wrapped with meticulous care. Then, they're elegantly displayed in buckets of fresh water, ready for your guests to pluck and take home as cherished mementoes of your special day.

With our Centrepiece Blooms to Bouquet service, your wedding becomes a luxurious experience like no other. Contact us today to add this extra touch of glamour to your celebration and let us make your wedding dreams a reality!


How it works:

Our team will arrive to the venue around the dinner portion of your event. Your event coordinator or venue coordinator will then give centrepieces to our Florists so they can get started on disassembling and creating beautiful bouquets. 


How many bouquets:

Since no 2 weddings are the same the quantity of bouquets depends on how many blooms can be utilized from centrepieces. Since centrepieces include many stems in various heights each bouquet would be unique and range from short to long, small too big!


What we require:

Our team would require a space and long table to take apart centrepieces and create bouquets. Each bouquet will be hand tied and wrapped and placed in buckets of fresh water ready for guests to take on their way out!


What is included?

Depending on the size of your wedding and quantity of centrepieces your booking would include anywhere from 2 - 4 Florists on site for a minimum of 3 hrs. Our team will come prepared with everything they need to take apart centrepieces, hand tie, trim and wrap each one! Once all the bouquets are complete they will be placed in buckets of fresh water ready for guests to take home

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