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Speckle Palo Santo Ceramic Dish

Speckle Palo Santo Ceramic Dish

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Energetically cleanse your space to invite positive energy in with the soft smoke of Palo Santo. Enjoy the calming sensation as the smoke fills and purifies the environment. As you watch the smoke ascend, some believe your wishes and intentions will rise and mingle into the universe - connecting heaven, earth, and humanity into one. 

Now transform the way you clear energy from your space with our Speckle Ceramic Dish, exclusively hand crafted for Plantita & Co. by the talented Laura Warren-Causton, b. side projects.

Our Speckle Ceramic Dish is perfect for catching fallen ash from your Palo Santo, incense or sage - Simply carry your dish around as you cleanse your space or place your Speckle Dish upon a table and enjoy as the soft smoke uplifts your surroundings.

Multi-purpose - we wanted to create an all in one rustic but stylish dish for Palo Santo, Incense and any smudging bundles you may use.

With the unique but modern speckle on white and natural colour palette, it will compliment  any room in your home. 

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