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Self Love Affirmation Bundle

Self Love Affirmation Bundle

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The Self Love Affirmation Bundle brings the perfect combination of 40 stunning Affirmation Cards, exclusively created by Plantita & Co. Palo Santo to help cleanse your space and help manifest your positive thoughts and Amethyst crystal to bring peace and calmness into your space.


Did you know? 

We have roughly 50,000 thoughts every day and 80% of them are negative? 

With the Self Love Affirmation Deck you can help shift your mind set & increase your daily positive thought count - ultimately bringing positivety around you, your life and others! 

With this Affirmation bundle you can select from 40 inspiring cards daily or choose to use them in unique ways:

  • Add one that inspires you the most on your desk for daily positivity at work!
  • Have a few framed for your home, work, or office!
  • Choose a new card daily, repeat the phrase 3 times to help transform your thoughts in your subconscious.
  • Gift this bundle to a friend or family member who needs a little extra positive vibes in their life
  • Add one to a gift as a special and personalized message to a special someone.


What you get - 

  • The Self Love Affirmation 40 Card Deck
  • Ethically Sourced Palo Santo
  • 1 Amethyst Crystal Cluster 1-2" In Size
  • 1 Affirmation Bag


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