Schefflera Aboricola In Natural Basket

Schefflera Aboricola In Natural Basket

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The umbrella like leaves of this plant make it a visually enjoyable tropical house plant to add to your Plantita collection! 

Native to Taiwan this plant acts as a natural air freshener and detoxifier. The leaves expectedly release oxygen, but they also absorb pollutants from the air, this plant has the combination of looks + function! 

The Vibe - 

This plant reminds us of the importance of looking good and feeling good, they go hand in hand...or leaf in leaf? Add this 'Umbrella Plant' to your collection and enjoy fresher indoor air!

What you get -

This 6" plant will come with our natural seagrass basket, just make sure to remove your plant when watering. 


Care -


Water often during growing season, this plant does not like to be over or under watered. Water until the first few drops fall from the planters pot and only water when the top soil feels dry. 


Schefflera plants prefer medium-light meaning they should be kept in bright light, but the light should not be direct.