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Deluxe DIY Airplant Terrarium Kit

Deluxe DIY Airplant Terrarium Kit

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Have fun creating your very own Airplant terrarium with this ultimate terrarium DIY kit! This kit is great for all ages & includes everything needed to keep your new air plants happy & healthy. 

Bonus: This kit includes a mini gardening set + misting bottle, perfect to use on your house plants!

Kit includes gift box making this an easy and fun gift idea!

Whats included:

  • Glass Bowl 8 x 8" 5.2 Opening
  • 2 Live Air Plants 
  • White Rocks 
  • Miniature gardening kit  
  • Decorative Moss 
  • Misting Bottle
  • DIY Instructions



  • Place Glass vase on a clean flat surface
  • Wipe down vase with damp cloth
  • Dry vase before getting started.
  • Mist Airplants and place on clean, dry paper towel
  • Place white pebbles in the bottom of the vase 
  • Use mini tool (rake) to help smooth out surface of rocks to desired style
  • Place moss on rocks as you wish using (tongs tool)
  • Place Airplants on rocks using (tongs) tool, styling as you wish 
  • Lastly, place your Airplant terrarium in a sunny spot with in direct light
  • Mist Airplants every 2 weeks (lightly mist with 1 -2 spritz) Best to remove from bowl before misting
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