3.5" Assorted Fittonia

3.5" Assorted Fittonia

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An eye-catching brightly coloured plant with spots of verigated pink, red and white. These brightly coloured beauties come combined with each colour in one 3.5" pot.

Care Tips - 

Sunlight - 

These plants like indirect sunlight, not enough sun and the colour on the leaves may fade. 

Water - 

These plants like damp, moist soil with good drainage. We recommend watering once a week.

What you get - 

You will get a 3.5" nursery pot with this plant. Each one has been planted with a red, pink, and white variations. With every plant order receive a free crystal to match your new plants vibe! 


The Vibe -

These beauties remind us that some of the best things come in small packages! Although only 3.5" these plants, with the right care and some love can grow fast!