Brands we love & why you need too!

Brands we love & why you need too!

In a world bustling with countless options, there are certain brands that stand out, capturing our hearts and becoming an integral part of our lives. From the jewelry we wear to the ambiance we create, these brands offer products that resonate with us on a deep and meaningful level.

Discover a handful of brands that have not only captured our hearts but with whom we've had the pleasure of working closely! Whether you're seeking to infuse a touch of elegance into your event, create memorable guest experiences, or curate an unforgettable girls' night out, these Toronto-based brands deserve your attention.


Cherished Jewel 

Cherished Jewel presents the NEW way of wearing jewelry. Crafted with dainty chains & welded closed, we offer custom fitted jewelry that turns ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.  
The process is painless, simple, and fun! The resulting chains are clasp-less, creating the perfect seamless permanent jewelry. We offer a selection of Sterling Silver and 14K Gold-Filled chains, charms, and connectors.
Instagram - @acherishedjewel
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Ankle bracelet


Bare & Co. 

Hello, and welcome to bare & co.

Over 27 years ago I attended the musical The Phantom Of The Opera. This is where my fascination with candles all began. The production had hundreds of candles which exuded mystery, warmth, romance and an overall soothing effect that I instantly fell in love with. 

My mission is to provide you with the same feelings that have been with me for years now. Thank you for supporting my small business and allowing me to pursue my dream every single day.


Founder, bare & co.

Website -

Instagram - @bareandcobytee


Yaelly Design 

 Yaelly Designs is a multi-faceted art and illustration company focused on creating unique and personalized artwork. I’ll bring your idea to life or work with you to create something special.

 Many of my customers commission acrylic or mixed media artwork to fill empty spaces in their homes. Many of my customers utilize my personalized illustration gifting services for special occasion gifts. I also work alongside event planners and brands to help elevate experiences and garner exposure.

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Instagram @_yaelly

Dash of Delicious 

Dash of Delicious creates luxury cakes  and cupcakes to celebrate life’s delicious moments! Kelsie, the baker / cake designer behind it all, specializes in naked style cakes, floral cakes, and unique buttercream texture / art. Made with a ton of love, each cake and set of cupcakes is crafted with the highest quality, conscious ingredients to ensure that it tastes just as good as it looks!

Website -

Instagram - @dashhofdelicious


Luroma Therapy

Our mission is to help increase your self-care routine with our homemade relaxation products. Designed to welcome peaceful moments into your day, with clean ingredients and calming aromas at the heart of everything we make. 

We handcraft candles, showers steamers, room spray + so much room. 


Instagram: @luroma.therapy

Blissful Crumbs

Blissful Crumbs creates custom cakes cupcakes for all occasions and delivers throughout all of the GTA. All of their cakes are custom made to your specifications using only the freshest and high quality ingredients. They create the most beautiful bespoke wedding cakes which have immaculate attention to detail. You can view some of their work as well as send an inquiry by visiting their website.

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